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48-inch Pipeline Replacement

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Recently Completed Projects

The 48-inch pipeline project was completed in November 2015 to resolve recurring leaks on a 2.5-mile pipeline between the Redwood City Pump Station and the San Carlos Pump Station. Due to the original pipeline design, which included single O-ring bell and spigot-jointed concrete pipe installed in Young Bay Mud, the 48-inch pipeline was experiencing upwards of 75% of all leaks in SVCW's conveyance system. To remedy the situation as quickly as possible, final design for the installation of the 48-inch replacement commenced in 2012.

This new section of force main involved unique challenges and complexities including a variety of jurisdictions and land ownership; unusually challenging and variable soil conditions; three water crossings; environmentally sensitive bay lands; urban congestion; and maintaining continuous functionality of the conveyance system. Construction was completed in 2015 using traditional and trenchless microtunnelling construction methods.